Isola 2

Gennius Isola 2 is the beautiful, retractable roof pergola system. Minimal design and timeless beauty meet modern technology and reliability. We continue to provide innovative, industry-leading solutions with new products that help you make the most of your outdoor spaces.

  • The eaves and roof system make it extremely compact and aesthetic
  • Innovative design, shaped as a cube
  • Sun Resistance    Sun resistance
  • Wind Resistance Wind resistance, grade 6
  • Max Width   Maximum width: 18′0″
  • Max Projection   Maximum projection: 29′6″
  • CE Certification   Tested and certified CE and TUV
  • Music   Music
  • Light   Light
  • Vertika   Vertika
  • Glass   Glass

Innovation, exquisite designs, extensive product range and customized solutions; these are the strong points of Gennius pergola systems and KE is thrilled to add the Isola 2 to our family of products.The Isola 2 can be easily adapted to any space and can offer protection from harmful UV rays, wind, and rain. Integrated and dedicated perimeter gutters channel rainwater into the corner downspouts for excellent water management.

Extremely easy to install, the Isola 2 can be adapted to any space as either a freestanding, wall-attached, or top mounted roof module only application. Its arched shaped roof on a flat aluminum frame structure allows for overall maximum dimensions and the sleek design enhances any décor and outdoor space. Moreover, the wide fabric selections for the retractable roof cover and the optional integrated lighting system that can be integrated into the perimeter of the Isola 2 offer a high-end level of customization and personalization that fits each customer’s needs. There are also additional enclosure options with drop screens or glass screens as an additional protection from the weather.

Take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art automation from Somfy Motors by downloading their myLink® app to your smartphone or tablet giving you remote Wi-Fi control of your Isola 2.

As an energy saver, the Isola 2 suits customer needs almost all year-round. In summer, the pergola cuts down on air conditioning use by maximizing your outdoor space for comfortable outdoor living.

All of our Gennius products go through vigorous testing and have achieved the CE marking as a guarantee of its quality.

We guarantees a highly reliable technological product designed for you to take advantage of the outdoors all year-round, enhancing your outdoor experience with style.