Bella Plus

Our top of the line Bella Plus comes with a bottom cover so your awning is protected from the elements. Bella Plus is available in the full or semi cassette option. Our designers have created a technologically advanced awning that protects the fabric with a full cassette housing. Bella Plus features encapsulated fabric protection with additional arm protection and an expanded projection range up to 14′ 3″.

  • Custom colors available only up to 10′ 2″
  • Complete profile design option that completely encapsulates the awning for total protection
  • Variety of choices for the awning design and performance capability
  • Max Width   Maximum width: 7′ 4″ up to 26′
  • Max Projection   Maximum projection: 5′ 3″ up to 14′ 3″
  • CE Certification   Tested and certified CE and TUV