Weathermaster Classic Patio Canopy

The WeatherMaster is a deck or patio canopy that is designed to be laced onto a non-welded frame. This design allows for the removal and storage of the cover during the winter months. The WeatherMaster can be used for covering small deck areas as well as large outside dining/entertaining spaces such as a restaurant, cafe or club house patio. The canopy can be installed from a wall surface or installed directly under an eve or soffit. If the projection is such that it does not allow for enough slope, the awning can be designed to mount on the roof of a building. The front projection of the canopy is supported by posts placed approximately every eight feet. Additional rafter lace bands are strategically placed to help keep the cover secure and in place. Your KE Affiliate can provide numerous fabric and valance style options at time of order. Installation location must be specified at time of order to assure proper snow and/or wind rating construction.

  • Max Width   Unlimited’
  • Max Projection   20′