Patio & Deck Canopies – Welded Weathermaster

The stationary deck canopy is a versatile awning used for sun and rain protection. The frame is designed to withstand normal rainy and windy weather conditions. The frames can be designed to meet most higher wind areas, however, the building and ground attachments will play a major role in how well the awning will hold up under extreme conditions.

The fabric is generally attached at the top with a molding with awning rail extrusion profile (T5). This rail also has an attachment for finger clips (these attach fabric to rail) and rafter jaws (holds rafters to rail). The fabric cover is then laced on the frame and pulled tight. It often takes two to three adjustments to assure a tight fitting cover. Cotton rope is the preferred awning line, because it does not stretch and will shrink a bit, which will help maintain the tightness of the fabric. A stationary deck canopy can be made to almost any size—the only major factor to consider is the amount of pitch allowed for the projection. An awning with a twelve foot or smaller projection should have a two foot drop.

Awnings ranging from thirteen to twenty feet should have no less than a three foot drop. When awnings are over twenty feet in projection additional consideration needs to be given to wind loads, live loads, building materials, ground mounting, surface, and location. Version to be specified at time of order.

  • Max Width   Unlimited
  • Max Projection   20′