Kedry Prime


KEDRY PRIME represents the gold standard in pre-engineered, aluminum pergola systems. Easy to install and suited to an extremely wide variety of commercial and residential applications, louvered roof pergola Kedry Prime is tasteful and luxurious as well as functional and innovative.

  • All Kedry pergolas are tested and certified for installation in all 50 states
  • Covered by a Limited Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • Integrated LED lighting along the frame rails provides soft, pleasing illumination
  • Modular units can be connected together to create unlimited coverage area
  • A variety of enclosure options is available for year-round enjoyment and profitability.
  • Sun Resistance    Sun resistance
  • Max Width   14’9″ per unit
  • Max Projection   19’8″ per unit
  • CE Certification   Tested and certified CE and TUV
  •   9010 WHITE
  • Light    Light
  • Glass   Glass

Keep your guests comfortable with the motorized, movable louver blade roof system that protects your guests from the hot sun as well as rain and snow. Water runoff is managed by a system of internal gutters that direct water through and down the vertical posts, avoiding edge drips and pooling.

Create your desired footprint with Kedry’s modular design that allows units to be connected side by side to create any desired size of protected space. Available wall-mounted or free-standing, Kedry makes it easy to enclose your space with year-round weather protection, including an extensive variety of transparent, filtering and darkening screens. Screens roll up and disappear entirely within the pergola’s frame.

Innovation and Automation is easily achieved with the use of state-of-the-art automation technology using smartphone and tablet apps.