Kedry Plus

Kedry Plus is an aluminum pergola system featuring a motorized, louvered roof, internal rain gutters and a variety of side enclosure and lighting options. Designed to be enjoyed in sun or rain, day or night, Kedry Plus is the perfect addition to enhance your home or business.

  • Sun Resistance    Sun resistance
  • Wind Resistance Wind resistance, grade 6
  • Max Width   Maximum width: 13’1″
  • Max Projection   Maximum projection: 318’9″
  • CE Certification   Tested and certified CE and TUV

The Kedry Plus is a flat (non-sloping) waterproof structure with louvered blades, designed to be installed as freestanding, wall-mounted or on top of an existing structure. Kedry includes an integrated water management system that directs rainwater through internal gutters and down through the vertical column, invisible to you and your guests. With square columns and a compact design, Kedry Plus provides a clean and simple overall profile.

Motorized louvers seal tight against rain and open to allow just the right amount of light and air into the the living space below. Smooth, quiet operation is driven by a sturdy and powerful linear motor and is compatible with a complete home automation system.

Maximum width of a single unit is 13’, with a projection up to 26’6”. Units over 19’8” require additional column supports.

KEDRY Plus can be fully enclosed with vertical screens or windows, and is available in either free-standing, wall-mounted or roof-only configurations.